Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Next stop: MRI

Perhaps we are going to get to the bottom of it: occasionally I can be a 'dizzy broad." Now I have to have an MRI for it.

Since starting my Ipi treatments I have had some spells of dizziness.  Nothing super crazy, blood pressure and sugar okay, no nausea, no hangover, just good old room spins whether sitting or standing, so my Oncologist has ordered an MRI at Sunnybrook.  She said she wants to make sure everything is all right as drugs such as the one I am taking can cause glandular problems ie. pituitary.  She said "not to worry, it's probably fine." (with an undercurrent of "geez we've got to come to an end of these positive tests for you at some point!?")

We spoke about the timing of it, she said she could arrange it for the same day as my next treatment, Tues. Oct. 14, but I am hoping to see the head and neck surgeon about thyroid that day and an MRI as well would just be too much.  

Normal treatment days already wreak havoc on my arms: blood out, pacmen in... lotsa bandage marks and two dead weight arms by 5pm. So I asked if perhaps it could be closer to my next CT scan in week 12, at the end of October (aiming for the 28th-ish as Cassie is keeping her fingers crossed for our traditional Halloween party on trick or treat night - good thing the girls are old enough to do most of the party prep themselves!). 

The Sunnybrook appointments seem to be stacking up again - appears that sooner than later I will be taking even more people up on their offers of rides, daughter-care, and overnight stays in the city.  Thank you for the many offers everybody.   I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, anybody with words of advice on MRI I'd appreciate tips?  I'm not really claustrophobic (found tanning beds comfy, remember), but otherwise... what to expect?  Is there dye or whatever injection like CT scan?  I swear I'm gonna glow in the dark by the end of all this!!


  1. MRI Tips ... tell them you love Nickelback, Thornley and some of your other favourites. They usually let you listen to music to help you relax and cut down on the constant jack hammering noise, which some say is incredibly loud .. but it isn't that bad.
    You have to remain super still, to help with that they will strap you to the table ... wait .. unless that was just because I threatened to run away .. LOL
    They will probably inject you with dye, when I had mine they also taped vitamin E tablets to me.
    Your one tough Momma and will breeze right through it.
    "When life gives you snow, make snow balls"
    Good luck

  2. Definitely go with the music... something to distract you and allow you to go somewhere else why you lay there nice and still. I didn't get the option for music during my MRIs and I ended up getting very antsy. It can be cool so opt for the blanket when they offer it :)

    You'll be great!

  3. Not that bad Natalie. Noisy so if they offer you music, take it. will help pass the time. Good luck. Megan and Rick

  4. Thank you :-) I just ordered a new CD and amazon says it will be here tomorrow so I will be sure to have my mp3 player updated before Tuesday.