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I just want one.  Don't need any reason other than that.  

But... okaayyy... twist my rubber arm, I'll write about Italy some more......   :-)

I like the cars made by Maserati.  I like how they look, I like how they sound (and why they sound that way ie. 4.7 litre Maserati V8 engine), I like where they're from, and I like their symbol/logo.  

I've always been a car girl; in my teens my parents took me to the Detroit Car Show and I fell in love with midnight blue (iridescent paint colour state of the art back then), my BF had a Rockford Files Firebird (which he rarely let me drive but oh baby was it rumbly!), and my dream car into my 20's was a candy-apple red Chevy Nova circa 1974-6ish.  

My first car was a little Honda Civic hatchback, and then I grew into a shiny black Chrysler Cirrus with gold rims.  Yes... gold rims.  And a sun roof!  THEN I was expecting twins therefore my sporty black car was traded in for a *COUGH* minivan.  Blech I can hardly even say it.  ASAP after recovering from twins birth and infancy I got rid of the lemon (minivan) for a new Honda Civic.  Tidy little four-door sedan, nothing fancy, very affordable and infinitely reliable.  I have since had two more Civics, they are my reality car.  Next step is Honda Accord (TWO DOOR), I feel that will be a step in the right direction.  To this:

I have tried placing a photo of this beast on my blog before but I notice the real post photos do not transfer properly when I share to facebook, so I have had to remove any photos from the blog margin so that everyone doesn't think all I write about is the Maserati. LOL  Hence the post entirely dedicated to it.  :-)

I like to boot my Civic around like it's a sportscar so why not aim to do that for real someday... in style! 


From their site:
Maserati is one of the most fascinating car production companies with a long history of appeal, tradition and sporting success. It was founded in Bologna by Alfieri Maserati on 1 December 1914 and established as a mechanical workshop named ‘Officine Alfieri Maserati’. In 1926 Maserati was transformed from a workshop, modifying or developing the vehicles of other companies, into a company designing, building and selling its own. 

The Maserati brothers adopted the symbol of the Trident, created by the artist of the family Mario Maserati and inspired by the famous statue of Neptune in Bologna, and made it the logo synthesising the new company in a single image. At the end of the 1930s, following the acquisition of the company by Adolfo Orsi, a businessman from Modena, Maserati moved to Modena to the current site in Viale Ciro Menotti. 

Part of the appeal of the trident logo for me is the resemblance to our very own Ukrainian trident symbol or "tryzub."  The tryzub ~ Тризуб (trryh-zuub) is special to my family, I was raised with it's presence throughout the home.  This is the gold Тризуб pendant my Baba and Dido gave me for my 18th birthday, and the art piece that hangs in our living room:

The Trident has been known as a symbol of power in Central Ukraine since the 6th century. In Kyivan Rus the Trident was used by the great princes. Some interpret the Trident symbol as the tip of a weapon, others a preying falcon, an arched bow with arrow, or the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost).
 However, most scholars do agree that the Trident is a symbol of the highest power. The first image of a trident appeared in the 1st century AD. When Ihor, Prince of Kyivan Rus' from 912 to 945AD, sent ambassadors to sign a treaty with the Byzantine emperor, they sealed the document with a trident. As the official emblem of the Kyivan princes, the trident was stamped on coins, seals; it was depicted on porcelain and in frescoes. 
It is thought that the trident represented the division of the world into three spheres: the earthly, the celestial, and the spiritual as well as the union of the three natural elements of air, water and earth. The trident was endorsed as the official emblem of Ukraine; the blue and yellow flag as the national flag of Ukraine by the Supreme Rada in 1992. (Source)

Though I appreciate my Ukrainian and Canadian heritage, I have always felt a pull toward Italian culture.  Maybe in a previous life I was an Italian barista... or a chianti enologo... or simply one of those tall cedar trees overlooking the sunny Tuscan hills..?

A sexy black Italian car with tan leather interior, a GranCabrio for touring around on the sunny days - with my sunscreen and fashionably large-brimmed sun hat of course!  A GranTurismo for the rainy days - either one would suit my fancy for touring around Italia exploring the home country of my heart. 

I enjoyed walking the streets and hilly paths in and above Florence, but I can't help but think these views would be just as enjoyable from behind this dash:

All in all I make no secret of my daydreams about my Maserati, nor of my ambition to work toward that goal.  

The image at the top of this post inspired me this morning when I saw it on instagram, and it was a friendly reminder as to what I have to do today.  Today and every day:
  • survive cancer
  • spend my time doing what I love, in order to be productive toward my goal

Some more photo reminders (from my Italy trip photo archive) of what I want:

Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence Italy

 Random Florence Italy...







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