Sunday, February 28, 2016

Farewell February

Who swims in Georgian Bay in February?  

This Guy:

Spring-like Weather 
+ Walk at the Beach 
Dog who needs a BATH!

Super fun though!  I don't mind one bit that winter/spring Sunday afternoons usually find Memorial Park deserted of visitors.  Reese and I walked all around the camping area and trails and back down the road to the beach, took the long way through to the dog beach and went off leash.  Whoop whoop!  

Dog remembers how to frolic at the beach yay!  He ran right for the water, went in to the armpits, then ran back out and in and out and in until he found the best stick ever and zoomed up and down the snowy beach rock with it.  It was pure pleasure just peacefully watching him and the waves washing up against the ice-covered shore.  And then the digging began... ah yes Labs can become obsessed with rocks and this Chocolate is no exception.  After a good half an hour of digging all around chasing this ONE particular rock he was panting and quite sandy and messy.  

Someone is going to sleep well tonight!  And yes he will be allowed on bed because he had a bath immediately upon getting home - buh bye beach mud!

I think I will sleep well also, it is almost the end of dreadful February.  Tuesday brings March and a whole new perspective on winter.  The days are longer already and the sun shining in the window on my back is nicely warm.  

March is busy for me and I'm looking forward to it (well, most of it).  

Next week I see my Oncologist at RVH in Barrie after having coffee with a friend at Gilda's Club, plus on Friday I am seeing a Naturopath who specializes in colitis/symptoms to see if I can avoid receiving the referral to a Gastro Dr. at Sunnybrook which The Boss (my Medical Oncologist at Sunnybrook) wants to give me.  The prednisone worked but now that it's stopped, the problem it cured is back.  :-(

March 6 is Lymphedema Awareness Day, and the the 7th I go to Sunnybrook for my 3-month bloodwork, consult, and CT Scans.  The 9th has me back at RVH for Therapist appointment, and the following week is March Break and the girls and I will be making a couple of trips to Barrie, RVH for therapist and a visit at Gilda's Club, plus the girls received tickets for Christmas to a rock concert at Molson Centre.  yikes?! ;-)

The week after March Break I will be working hard to help promote a little project I helped along in December.  Stay tuned!   

Well that should pretty much do it... back to quietly writing while Reese snores off his post-bath-and-fresh-air-frenzy.  Tacos were requested for supper tonight, plus I made a pot of the girls' favourite Italian Sausage Stew for their lunches this week.  Talk to you next month! LOL

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