Thursday, February 11, 2016

You don't know if you don't ask

I found a fantastic new (to me) resource this morning.  I am always buoyed by the virtual "meeting" of fellow melanoma and/or thyroid cancer patients/warriors/survivors, and wow did I hit the jackpot today! 

I found this informative and current site: Canadian Cancer Survivor Network
About CCSN

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network was created by a group of Canadians concerned about cancer.

CCSN's mission

  • Empower collaborative action by cancer patients, families and communities to identify and work to remove barriers to optimal patient care.
  • Ensure that cancer survivors have access to education and action opportunities to have their voices heard in planning and implementing an optimal health care system.
  • Educate the public and policy makers about the financial, emotional and health costs of cancer and offer considered, positive ideas and recommendations to alleviate their effects.
  • Research and encourage research on ways to alleviate barriers to optimal patient care and follow-up.
Additionally, they boast a comprehensive list of cancers, and with each they list blogs and websites belonging to regular peeps from all over the place.  
So.... I sent them a little email asking if they may be interested in sharing my blog there as well... and they immediately responded with a yes!  Humbling...  I am honoured.  

Thank you CCSN, here are the links:

CCSN - Skin Cancer - Melanoma
(please scroll down a bit if you want to see mine... they are listed alphabetically)
CCSA - Thyroid Cancer

The Impatient Patient... blogging my way to serenity.  Thanks for joining me! 

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