Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Day of School

Here we are, finally on the day for which I have been loudly cheering for at least two weeks: the first day of school.  I have driven the girls crazy singing "It's the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year!" all around the house, especially post-SHOPPING (again!) or when they've asked "What's to Eat" for the 300th time of the day. 

Now here I sit, teary-eyed and reminiscing, bittersweet, dreading the year to come in some ways and happy for the girls in many other ways.  They are in grade eight this year. Grade 8! The fun one, when life really begins: they are at the top of the school, the responsible ones, the oldest ones... and for Claire and Cassie anyway, they are entering this year with less challenges than they were this day last year.  

Last year I was in a three-week rotation of treatments at Sunnybrook, and I was scheduled to have my melanoma treatment on the Tuesday after Labour Day, but I was able to sweet-talk myself a two-day delay so that I could take my girls to school for their first day.  
Grade seven, a new school, new teachers, much larger environment, older kids all over the place, staff all new to us, and me in cancer treatment.  I told them this this year should be a breeze! ;-)  To which they replied in this way as I took their photos before school:
(PS - Cass got out of her cast a bit more than a week ago, so here she is with a gimpy left leg but at least can go to school without crutches. Physio ongoing and day surgery in October to remove the heads of the screws in her ankle)

Which reminds me... I have an entire collection of first day of school photos... and today I feel like posting them here.  Claire and Cass don't read my blog anymore anyway (they say I'm too long-winded - imagine!?!) so they won't find out...right?  haha  Anyway, here they are:

Kindergarten (JK), SVE School:
 (Claire left, Cass purple)

Grade 1:


Grade 2:

 (Cass left, Claire right)

Grade 3:

 (Cass purple, Claire right)

Grade 4:

 (Cass pink, Claire right)

(Grade 5 seems to be missing at the moment? 
Stupid cell phone drop in the dishwater!)

Grade 6:

 (Claire left, Cass right)

Grade 7, move on up to MCS, 
(Mom no longer allowed to take a pic in front of the school - 
WAY too uncool!) 
 (Claire left, Cass right)

AND TODAY.... GRADE 8.... waaahhhhhhhh

Article & Photos © Natalie Richardson 2015

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