Saturday, June 18, 2016

The mid-June Rush

Been a crazy week around here. Again. Still LOL (do I sound like a broken record?)  

Quick run-down: 

I turned 40 this week!  Yahoo!  I am very happy about this, for a couple of reasons... I was SO ready to ditch my roller-coaster tumultuous 30's, and... when diagnosed with stage 3 cancer at 37 there was a while that I feared I would never see the age of 40.  

To say I am thankful to be forty is an understatement, but I am. Thankful!  Have had a low-key week or so of celebrations, no big party this year, will save that for another time.  But did get to spend time with a bunch of my Besties over various lunch dates and quick visits, and can even say I am stretching it til tomorrow when I visit another.  The theme of my birthday this year is like this:

Wednesday evening we had our bicycle-riding photo shoot for the local magazine in which I will be published in the Summer 2016 issue.  Was nice to get back on my bike... might make that a habit.  I would say it is NOT true what they say: just like riding a bike, you never forget how.  That is BS - as I almost crashed in to Claire a couple times at Beautiful Joe Park!

I have been working diligently on taking photos for the upcoming "Melanoma Through My Lens" project, more information to come.  Yesterday I was even up at dawn to take photos at the harbour... I love our beautiful town.  

All things grade-8-related are in full explosive swing; grad dresses are purchased and are at the seamstress' for alterations.  Photo session is booked, homework is done, and report cards are on way.  Bus schedule and class details are en route from new high school in Owen Sound eek!  
Next week WE go to Ottawa for a three day adventure, I am excited to be a parent chaperone!  

I have two articles to write before we leave for Ottawa (oops I was late for the Meaford Express last week, but we did have great coverage for Mudmoiselle so it worked out that "I" didn't overload the paper anyway ;-)
Speaking of Mudmoiselle... yesterday I accompanied Jen from the Bluewater Canadian Cancer Society for a promo spot on Rogers TV in Collingwood.

And in the afternoon I attended the Heroes for Hope assembly at Meaford Community School to watch my little friend and neighbour have her pretty blonde ponytail cut off to be donated for wigs.  It was a great turnout and lots of funds raised for Canadian Cancer Society.  Great job kiddos!! And even the police/firefighters present shaved their heads and got mohawks for the cause! 

One more thing... I found out the other day - very exciting news!! - The Toronto Blue Jays are doing a skin care/skin cancer awareness day on July 2 2016.  They are playing the #NotJustSkinCancer video at the game!!! and featuring Save Your Skin Foundation and Melanoma Network of Canada WOW!!! And they have invited us four participants in the video with complimentary tickets to the game and a chance to give a big wave on the Jumbotron!   The girls and I will be there to represent Save Your Skin Foundation.  

This invitation is an honour and a fun bonus - thank you Toronto Blue Jays!!  We can be there in person to see the Jays beat the Cleveland Indians.  ;-) 

PS - One more tiny thing - I have an appointment with a new Dermatologist, whom I will be able to see in Meaford.   VERY happy about that!  Farewell, Ice Queen.  

PPS - One regret I have from this busy season... I have had to cancel/postpone my speaking engagement at a high school friend's grade4/5 class about Sun Safety.  I'm sorry to postpone, but I will aim to be better prepared next spring to speak to youth about skin care and sun safety.  Thank you for the invitation, I owe you one! 

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