Monday, March 6, 2017

Top 70 Melanoma Blogs - - WOW! Thank you

I woke up to a poignant surprise today - my little blog was named #38 in the top 70 melanoma blogs and websites worldwide! 

I didn't know such a list existed, I simply write (whine) about my experience with skin cancer, and I read (alot) about others' experiences with skin cancer.  I feel a generous sense of community when I identify with others in my shoes, and I have made many friendly and supportive connections in the almost three years since I hit the internet post-metastatic-melanoma-diagnosis.   

I feel like I know many of the others on this list today, I read their blogs and I follow their journeys.  They help me in ways they don't even know.   So now to be named among them is an honour I can't even describe.

Please check out this blog and the list of experienced melanoma SURVIVORS living with the disease.  I guarantee each one will inspire and inform you, they will lift you up and they will teach you.  If you want to know anything about melanoma skin cancer, this is the list for you:

Thank you so very much, for helping us all to share awareness of this serious skin disease.

A little by-product of making lemonade out of the lemons life handed me:


  1. Congratulations!!! Big achievement :)

  2. You beat me to it ;-) Congrats to you as well!!