Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Almost outta here... Radioactive Iodine Treatment, Part 2

I have been feeling too tired/crappy to write or even read while here at Sunnybrook for my radioactive iodine treatment, which I received yesterday afternoon.  Overall everything is okay though - no remarkable problems or complaints, just starting to go nuts and can't wait to get out of here!
I have a heap of funny stories to share, but in the meantime I just wanted to touch base with anybody who hasn't witnessed my going bonkers on facebook today LOL! I have taken some interesting photos and notes also, I really can't believe that we don't hear more about this treatment method, given how common I am told it is?
It has been one of the most bizarre experiences of my life and I am grateful to have had it, but I am also glad it is almost over with!
Most notably, I will state for the record that I should not have complained about my LID at home - I have had such terrible food here that I would give anything for my own bland but FRESH salad back right now! Thankfully being so hypothyroid keeps one borderline comatose (haha) therefore without much appetite.
I will post more once I'm safely in isolation and resting at home, but in the meantime thank you for your good vibes! I passed my radioactivity meter reading this aft and have decreased my number from 125 to 50, right on target for goal of 30 for discharge at lunchtime tomorrow.  Spending the rest of the night drinking the rest of the fluids I brought with me!
Also I get to take my thyroid hormone replacement medications - times double! - beginning in T minus 12 hours YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!! and no more LID... tonights serving of boiled white mystery meat and rice was the last!
Okay back to flushing radioactive waste and driving my family nuts with phone calls.  :-)
PS - I managed to get photos of what is INSIDE this box:  


  1. And I'm out!!! :-) yay fresh air! And people! (from a distance) And FOOD!!! And coffeeeeeee. :-) Happy..ride home soon and then back to bed wahoooooo

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