Saturday, March 7, 2015

Drink Please!

I have amassed a collection of my favourite beverages to take for my three-day Sunnybrook stay.  They will provide iodine-free hospital-food meals of course, but the instructions say I need to bring plenty of my own beverages with me.  

The more I drink the faster the radioactive bad stuff will be flushed from my system, so after I take the iodine capsule and whatever waiting period it is, I have to just relax and drink.  What a coincidence - that's one of my favourite things to do!

Think I have enough? 

  • Bottled water (nurse at Toronto East General already confessed to me that the hospitals just use their Toronto tap water *gasp*) (LOL Toronto friends - sorry!)  ;-)
  • No-added-sugar green smoothies, containing spirulina and chlorophyll to help absorb toxins (I just have to watch that Bolthouse one has Nova Scotia dulse in it and that is a "sea food," but I will be able to have it on the Wednesday)
  • Meredith's ginger syrup mmmmmmm! I can have a straight shot or mix it in my water or tea - if you are not familiar with Meredith's beautiful product, made in Meaford, please check it out
  • Pellegrino, my favourite (Italian) sparkling water
  • Kombucha tea, detoxifying and energizing, cancer-fighting
  • ginger-lemongrass sparkling water, yes I'm taking my big suitcase with an ice pack!
and last but certainly not least...
  • a couple minis of cinnamon tequila :-)
  • and Prosecco, my favourite (Italian) bubbly!! What would three days in a peaceful silence retreat be without a wee cocktail?  I even found a baby Prosecco - I imagine they wouldn't be too impressed if I brought a magnum LOL 

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