Sunday, May 10, 2015

VIDEOS from BT May 4 2015 - Melanoma Monday - Become a Skin Checker

Okay... so.... here it is.  Thanks to the technical expertise of my Claire - thank you Claire for indulging me.  :-)  

It may be a wee bit primitive, we mmmaaayy have ipad-video'd the BT PVR from last Monday. I'm not sure if that is illegal?  But it is public television, that I paid to PVR thank-you-very-much, and it is BT's fault for not putting it on their site and making us do all the work instead.

Here is the Breakfast Television video, in two parts.  

Dr. Cook explains the event and the hullabaloo in Dundas Square last Monday:  Even if you are sick of hearing me talk about this please watch, it's funny when she ditches the dalmatian's leash as it was not cooperating. LOL  

Check out the aerial view of the bubble - you can see Cass and Claire with the La Roche-Posay and camera people outside the bubble.  Close-up of the bubble shows me for a second.  

Here is Part B... after commercial breaks.  The gentleman (Julian) getting his moles checked looks a bit reluctant!  ;-)

I will still post the final interview material etc. when and if I find it. 

Lots of laughs behind the scenes, this was a great experience overall. 

Plus now we have a youtube channel... whatever that is. 

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