Friday, May 1, 2015

May is Melanoma Awareness Month

Hello May!  Wow... time to dust off the sunscreen bottles and prepare for warm weather and proper sun safety.  Well of course we should be using proper UVA protection all winter too, facial cream with SPF15 minimum - my dermatologist says nothing lower than SPF30 thank you very much.

Speaking of which, I haven't elaborated much on sunscreen to date, but buckle up and hang on because here is where I start!  ;-)

Through Save Your Skin Foundation, I have been connected with one of my favourite skin care companies, LaRoche-Posay.  They have asked me to speak about my melanoma journey as part of their Become A Skin Checker campaign.  This is a worldwide campaign, educating primarily through social media and online apps.  And... well... a launch on Breakfast Television in Toronto on Monday May 4, 2015.  At which I have been asked to speak *gulp!*  :-)

Bringing awareness to melanoma is an important part of educating the public on early detection of cancer.   By being vigilant about skin health and checking moles (another time I will be elaborating on the ABCDE method of mole examination), 90% of melanoma detected on time can be treated successfully.  

Check out their site to read more and to sign up to be a skin checker:  If you care for somebody, become a SkinChecker, have a look at their spots.

Part of their campaign involves the image of dalmatians - SPOT skin cancer, STOP skin cancer.  Check out their video, it is SO cute!!!  

Lots to come over the next few days, about melanoma, awareness, skin health, sun safety, LaRoche-Posay, dalmatians, BT, Save Your Skin Foundation - save the skin you're in! and more!

A quick google search today May 1, 2015 shows a smattering of news:

SYSF press release - SO much news to come from there this month!

And a group I have yet to meet: David Cornfield Melanoma Fund (video: Dear 16 year old me)

And from our house... here is a photo of my favourite bottle of sunscreen (you may be able to tell it's well-used - sandy - and almost empty from all the trips to the beach!) .  True story - this is the stuff that kept Scott's delicate skin completely safe on our trip to Cuba three years ago:

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  1. Congratulations on your advocacy work Natalie!! Big accomplishment :)