Thursday, April 30, 2015

Webinar - Survivorship

Well here it is!  Save Your Skin Foundation President and Founder Kathy Barnard led our discussion today in the webinar about surviving melanoma, and "Survivorship" in general. There were three panelists in addition to Kathy and the webinar administrator; we had a detailed and heart-warming question and answer period about our melanoma journeys to date, and our hopes for the future. 

This was my first participation in a webinar, and I think it went okay?  My webcam would not activate in the online app so I was spared that bit of camera-shyness - too bad about all of the primping and staging I did beforehand teehee!  I was surprisingly nervous, and feel like I flubbed my answers a bit.  I think maybe I should stick to writing - as Cassie said "there is no backspace or delete key when talking live!" 

I had prepared in writing what I wanted to say, but overcome by my case of nerves I went totally rogue, didn't follow the order of speaking that I had planned, and forgot a few details I had wanted to include.  One might think I know my story well enough by now that I wouldn't mess it up?!  In hindsight I realize I should have just read what I had prepared LOL - thank you Kathy for allowing me to cut my first webinar teeth on your time!   

I hope it satisfies Kathy's goals for the session, and even more I hope it helps people who hear it. I know it helped me today, to connect, to meet new friends, share my story, and to feel productive.  Helping each other in our little piece of community is a key ingredient to the survival recipe. 

The webinar will remain on the SYSF website for anyone to view, whether they are old friends of the site or newly diagnosed melanoma patients seeking advice and assistance.  

Click here to view the webinar on the Save Your Skin Foundation website:

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