Saturday, June 6, 2015

A new "leash" on life

Occasionally when I am quiet it means I am up to no good.  ha ha  I have been quiet lately, but it is up for interpretation as to whether not it is for the purpose of evil.  

I have a dog.  Yes, I adopted a puppy: a gorgeous and super-intelligent chocolate Lab who won my heart the first time he sat on my foot and waggled his floppy ears at me.  Love at first sight (and liver treats in my pocket).

We have had almost three weeks together.  Three very busy weeks.  He came to us fully trained, house trained, obedient, hand commands even! and he puts the ball directly in my hand every time he wants to play fetch (for an hour at a time!)  He is energetic but also very chill... he seems to know when I need to slow down.

His name is Reese.  He is my chocolate shadow.  Leave it to me to get a "foodie" dog, and leave it to us to name him a foodie name.  Cass tried to fight it, but we had to... our entire family adores Reeses Pieces and peanut butter cups and Gunner, Bandit, and Andy as names just did not suit our Reese.  MY Reese.  :-)

I have been thinking about getting a dog for a while, of course the girls have been bugging for... about... ohhhhhh.. how long have they been alive??  I wanted a pup but not baby, a relaxed dog but with energy to take me for walks every day, a medium-sized not any particular breed but a connection with my heartstrings.  and BINGO!  Found him.  In Collingwood, via kijijii. 


He is not too large for our cozy house; at nine months-ish he is almost full-grown, apparently his parents were small.  He is super social, learns quickly, sits DOWN while his food bowl is being filled (who does THAT around here??), and he loves everyone who comes into this house.  He has a serious foot fetish. He passed Claire and Cassie's crazy busy birthday party with flying colours, loves car rides, campfires, the park, the beach, kids, cats, dogs, men, women, children, devouring tennis balls and spitting them on the carpet, everything! 

Love this dude, he is a rock star.  Practically speaks to me (no really, it is NOT chemo brain!); Reese is very intuitive and he gets even better every day.

I am thinking he will be a big part of my ongoing physical and mental rehabilitation/recovery.   

Okay baby pics here we go! 
Tired on the way home from the vet

 Patiently waiting for the all-nighter-birthday-girls to wake up

 New bone

Worn a patch of fur off his nose from his giant bone gift from Baba & GeeGee! 

DOG WITH A BLOG?  :-D  teehee I couldn't help myself!  ;-)

I want to give an honourable mention to our other pets as well... Fibbs the cat is almost nine years old, most visitors we have don't even know that a cat resides here.  She is super shy and not a major fan of Reese.  YET.  But she is warming up to him and has even been seen in the same room as him a few times already this weekend!  She will come around, I know it.  

Also last summer, we got a hamster.  I have always wanted a hamster believe it or not, and this little guy Leo (named after Leonardo DiCaprio - yes, the girls had a "Titanic" phase last summer), has not disappointed!  

He is adorable and super social, we maul him all the time.  He loves honeydew melon, pea shoots, and running in his wheel all night long.  He may or may not have been last summer's start at testing the kids' responsibility/abilities with a pet... don't tell them how long I have really been thinking about getting a dog, they think they talked me into it three weeks ago! ;-)   My favourite thing about Leo is how he uses his "hands" to take treats from my hands, he is super CUTE n fuzzy. 

These animals are an integral part of our family.  Fibbs, Leo, and Reese bring their own personalities, moods, skills, benefits, comic relief, reasons for cleaning up, and most of all their love... to our family.   They enhance my life and that of our children, and I am increasingly grateful for each of them.

In memory of .. Tootsie, my pet turtle of 25 years.

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