Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Learn Something New Every Day

It occurred to me today, when I sent a thank-you text to a friend who gave me some fresh quail eggs for my birthday, that I have more than ever been living by the old adage "learn something new every day."  I have always kept that phrase in the back of my mind, and I try to point out to the girls as well the importance of keeping an open mind and being receptive to new concepts.  

From my cancer experience I have learned that I need to practice the "just get one thing done today" method of survival in times of stress (I consider being in treatment for cancer one big long stint of stress). I can't remember who told me that years ago, a therapist? my Mom? a friend coping with a terrible divorce?  Just get one thing done every day.  If you end up doing more than that then Bonus!  If not, then that one thing was your accomplishment, and you can celebrate it (or just heave a sigh of relief and fall back into bed).  

So often we run on fast-forward mode for hours, days, weeks on end? In North American society in particular.  Why am I so drawn to Italian culture and the European way of life?  Because I know that it is not healthy to run run run... we need peace.  Space.      Contemplation.           Rest.  
Exercise yes, accomplishment yes, but pack every moment of every day FULL of work, activity, people, texts, correspondence, amusement, education - NO. Stop!  Take a moment to stop to smell the roses. Or take a moment to learn why the Leaning Tower of Pisa leans (Italians too busy taking afternoon naps..?)

Take a moment to learn how to plant the roses.  Chop an onion a different way, or sing a new song.  Ask your kids what one new thing they learned in school today.  Take a moment and appreciate that you just learned something new, you are able to absorb and appreciate your surroundings.  

I have become conscious of my determination to "do one thing" every day, but I have also noticed a pattern of my "learn one new thing" every day too.  Teehee - does that mean I have actually done two things per day? yahoo that IS a bonus!  :-)

Today I learned that I enjoy quail eggs.  I love eggs anyway, and I often bought turkey eggs when I worked at the 100 Mile Market, but quail I have seen only on the food channel.  How thoughtful that my friends shared some of their wee eggs with me as a gift, almost a shame to eat them.  (But we SO did!)

Yesterday I learned that my puppy likes pieces of apple that drop on the floor when I am cutting them. And.. he too needs a Monday-afternoon nap after a three-day birthday-celebration weekend.

One day last week I learned that the wheels on a longboard are called "trucks."  And another day I learned  how to properly place the hoses on my new vacuum so it works like a charm. (I have a reputation for killing vacuums - by accident! - so I bought myself one that is lightweight/cordless/powerful and that I thought I couldn't screw up. HA.  At least this one has a warranty)

At my last CT scan I learned exactly what to wear so as to not have to change into a hospital gown for the procedure.  
At my last consultation with my medical oncologist I learned that the ipilimumab treatment I am receiving can cause the kind of lymph node enlargement we are seeing on my scans (wow, that may have been handy to know sooner?).   
On the fourth day after adopting my dog I learned that I can indeed get over my constant hand-washing "thing" which was bordering on OCD - and wearing the skin off my fingers!?

Tomorrow apparently I will be learning how to cook a pork tenderloin on a Traeger LOL  Some things you learn by surprise, some you plan to learn, and some things you procrastinate on until your neighbour takes you by the hand and shows you how to do it (in hopes that you will be hooked and need to buy one?).  ;-)  I love to BBQ flame-grilled meats and veggies, but I do also like to learn new things so hey, if I can learn how to make those bacon-wrapped dill pickles my friend makes then SOLD!  I'm in.  Yes, I did say bacon-wrapped dill pickle.  Don't judge, it's amazing.

Think I will do these too:

Think I may blog more about food too?  I am truly exploring my interests these days, trying to find that inner peace I have always been seeking, trying to find the meaning, and enjoy the experiences that come my way.  I am pretty spoiled in the grand scheme.  That is nothing new but it is something I have learned. LOL  

Thank you to everyone for your continued love and support, and for the amazing birthday surprises, messages, and  hugs.  I am 39 now, I still have a lot to learn, and I will try to do so every day. 


Oh and PS ~ This is the cat learning something new:  hahaha ...

Article © Natalie Richardson 2015

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