Thursday, October 27, 2016

#MelanomaHeroes - Awareness Campaign

When asked if I would invite my "melanoma heroes" to join me in the creation of a video for a thoughtful online skin cancer awareness campaign, I jumped at the opportunity.  Although I wanted to bring with me to Toronto my entire posse of family and friends who have loved and supported me through my battle in the last couple of years, we don't have a big enough car. ;-)   SO... I chose two... the two most important heroes in my life.  Naturally: my daughters.  

#MelanomaHeroes aims to shine a spotlight on the everyday heroes – the friends, family and caregivers supporting patients every step of the way. Just as they provide support, they also deserve our support and recognition. Many of these people remain hidden from public view, and can be under-recognised for the tremendous role they play. (Source)

Claire and Cass and I buzzed to the city one fine summer day to spend an artistic afternoon with a fabulous team of film-makers, sound experts, video techs, makeup, lighting, directors, PR crew in charge of creating the video that will share our story along with other melanoma survivors and their heroes.   

I was able to surprise the girls with a letter I had written to them, reading it on camera to surprised faces with heart-warming tears.  It was a powerful moment for all three of us.

Enough of my chatter, please click here to watch the video, and to learn more about #MelanomaHeroes and how they keep us alive:

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