Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Plumbing vs. Electrical

Even in the renovations I have had done to my homes over the years, I have always preferred the electrical work to the plumbing.  The way electrical wires and cords connect or disconnect and trigger each other to do things fascinates me. Electrical panel is the master, it all makes sense!  
As opposed to the gravity-fed, dark, wet, twisty-turny pipes... draining stuff and leaking all over, they have always caused me anxiety and headache.  

Much in the same with the host of "situations" that can happen in one's health when dealing with cancer: the pipes are dreadful.  I received a second opinion from a local Surgeon/Gastroenterologist this evening (as if I had not had a crazy enough day already).  Just saying. 

I was given a diligent reminder, in the form of a very frank conversation with a Resident Physician (who was very caring BTW), that I have a serious form of a deadly disease.  Much as the positive-thinking crew and let's-move-past-it friends in my life cheerfully try to distract me (which I appreciate!), it is I who sits in the appointment chair discussing my very personal plumbing issues.  This is an unmistakable hallmark of living with advanced cancer.  

Once it's in there you're screwed.  It can go anywhere.  

Prevention is key.  

Early detection is almost even more key (because at least then treatment, in whatever form may be appropriate, is targeted to the detected disease).   
But still early detection can be a struggle on it's own - I have been resisting the damn scope for over over a year!  Stupid! you'd think I would have learned after the whole MOLE-NEGLECT problem in the first place!?! 
No..... I have been putting off further examination of my plumbing since the damage apparently done by the pacmen... 
But the buck stops here.  The Boss spoke to the Singing Surgeon and told him to get me in the hot seat.  Uurghh

Off I go for a scope and a gastroscopy.  We need to rule out any other form of cancer in my digestive system before we just go and blame my tummy trouble on the immunotherapy.  I mean, we all KNOW it's from the immunotherapy, but.......
As my Medical Oncologist told me at Sunnybrook a couple of weeks ago, we need to make sure that the reaction of my immune system to the treatments I had did not bring to the surface any other anomalies in that time.  I have dodged it so far this year, even tried all the diet and NON-(alcohol) tricks I could think of this summer, but no escaping the Boss-Surgeon team, they have me in their sights.  

Stupid cancer.  I used to be free!! Please let me re-iterate here to politely re-cap one of my early admissions to having tummy trouble.  If not no worries, just take my word for it, it's been a long friggen time that I have been dealing with this.  Once you have cancer, it never goes away.  

O n c e  Y o u  H a v e  C a n c e r,  I t  N E V E R  g o e s  A w a y !  Your ass is grass.  So to speak.

Have to rant every now and then, keeps it real.  All true though, seriously. 

One interesting note though that I would like to add, is that the Singing Surgeon (as I have lovingly dubbed him) happens to be the actual person who removed my melanoma-infused mole in April 2014, and did my sentinal node biopsy.  True story!  He is a surgeon in the next town over, but he also happens to specialize in gastro-stuff, and he is the Chief of Staff at the hospital in which I had my first CT scan.  

He has followed my story since diagnosis, he has been CC'd on my clinical notes from Sunnybrook for 2.5 years, and tonight he said right to my face that he reads each one.  Crazy guy! He must work 24-7.  
He recognized me, and even asked how the girls are (he also removed moles on my kids, hence the singing story).  His warm personality and honest humour made me giggle when he said "I always remember a face!  I don't always remember what procedure I may have done on you though... which makes it far less awkward if we run into eachother in the grocery store!!"  wink wink     LOL I'm in good hands, must trust my physicians.  

OK, I'll quit whining now.  

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