Friday, December 19, 2014

Great news...

...for once!  Score one for the fight against melanoma - I get to stay in the clinical trial!

Just got the call from Sunnybrook - it's a go.  I can plan to continue my treatment schedule of Pacmen, and have the radioactive iodine treatment in between.  If the treatment times conflict, we just skip one ipilimumab and resume in April, but at this point I have my first appointment with my new Endocrinologist on Jan. 20th, the day after my next scheduled Pacman day, which I assume means we will plan for the iodine treatment at that appointment, perhaps for early to mid February.  

Holy crap what a roller coaster.  I am also celebrating that this is my last day for antibiotics for the staph infection because tomorrow I am going to celebrate with one honkin' BIG glass of wine!!!!

How to go from crying my eyes out to busting a gut laughing in two seconds flat?  Call my Mom with this news and she says "oh great! I guess the worst that could happen if the two treatments conflict is the Pacmen would be radioactive?"  LOL !! Picture it... little yellow circle men turned glowing green, just chompin' around... oh dear I am losing it!  haha

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  1. Too funny - the news is on and they just mentioned that researchers have discovered a dye that lights up tumor cells in fluorescent green so that surgeons will not remove so much healthy tissue. Too many Pacmen stories... Mama