Sunday, February 8, 2015

Have a Plan

Outside of my commitment to sleeping away February, I have decided to plan a few things to try in my relatively appointment-free time this month, provided I feel up to it.  

I have joined a support group at Gilda's Club in Barrie, and I have joined a writing group with my new social worker, also in Barrie. I have ideas to explore, and I am very motivated to reach out to the resources offered, that I am able to access at this time, and see where they take me.  

Obviously I enjoy hearing myself talk so much I have to write hour-long posts on my blog, LOL and I receive lots of encouragement to keep writing, not only for personal reasons ie. venting and complaining, and to update my friends and family on our news around here, but also with the undercurrent of finally pursuing my lifelong dream to write professionally?  

I have been considering taking a writing class for a while, but I am reluctant to commit to any social activity (as many of you are aware - thank you though, for the invites), and it can be difficult to schedule that kind of me-time between all the other stuff.  Obviously my medical appointments take first priority, but if I feel up to some fun outside-of-the-box stuff then I have found the venue.  

On Friday the girls and I had three appointments and spent the day in Barrie.  In the morning we went to Gilda's Club, where I filled out new member forms for our files; we can now just show up any time we wish, and we can participate in any support groups or activities they have on their calendar.  

Claire hung out in the teen room while I met with the staff, Cassie spread out in the art room again, we got to pet the visiting therapy-dogs (super-cute little cocker spaniels that maul you to death, wowee adorable), and we snacked on valentine cookies while hanging out in the kitchen chatting with people. There was a "Coffee Talk" group there whooping it up. :-)

I also signed up for a support group (there is not exactly commitment required, but if I like the group it could be a long-term thing on Tuesday afternoons).  The group is called "Wellness" and it is a group for those with metastatic cancer.  There are also supports for family and friends, or caretakers and/or whatever the situation may bring to different patients.  I am also interested in the Gentle Yoga class, as I have been wanting to get back into yoga as part of my physical rehabilitation, especially for my right leg which is a puffy(lymphedema) half-numb achy disaster. 

After lunch we went to RVH for two appointments, first one being with my new Social Worker, with whom I had spoken on the phone before.  We met her and had a good chat, as always it is good to get someone else's perspective on how to handle the mental to-do list, cancerous or not.  I have a couple of ideas on how to handle some things that are bothering me, and the girls are also content with seeing her again to help build a good base of support for the long-term.  

Apparently I showed my interest in writing, and the social worker invited me to join a new writing group she is starting next week actually.  It is called the "Legacy" group and it has to do with writing a memoir of sorts. Led by the counsellor, and with weekly homework, it is a five-week group that may just meet my criteria for trying to join a writing class - will keep you posted!

Third appointment of the day was with the radiation oncologist who keeps me up-to-date in the RVH system.  I advised her of all the goings-on since I saw her last July, and she asked me to have Sunnybrook add her into the loop on case notes.  Doctor network-ish?  They can CC their colleagues all over, saves me the half-hour spiel each visit.  My dermatologist asked me the other day too, to have her added to the Sunnybrook send-out.  

I did spy on the computer screen that they had part of my CT scan report from Sunnybrook radiology, but when I asked for a copy they she said sorry nope, better to wait for your team to call you.  She did scan it though and said everything looked okay, but darnit she wouldn't let me see.  Hope to get that report this week?

Other than that is has been pretty low-key weekend around here, I got to have some one-on-one time with Cass as Claire was away babysitting for the night, and now I'm back on the outside as they are glued together recuperating from their rare time apart.  ;-) 

I have cleaned up my paperwork from Friday and have supper in the oven (thanks to my friends' stocking the freezer), now will relax for the evening, content in my feeling like I have a plan. 

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
― Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry

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