Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 27, Statistics

Just been sorting receipts and running the numbers in preparation for 2014 tax return, specifically adding up medical costs associated with hospital visits, surgeries, treatments, hotel stays, drug costs outside of my employer benefits plan, meals, mileage etc.  I'm told this all counts at tax time, so I want to be ready.  

Thought it might be interesting to some, here goes:
  • this is week 27 of my 68-week melanoma treatment schedule (week 1 was August 11, 2014)
  • this is week 43 since diagnosis in April 2014
  • in 2014 I/we made 4 trips to RVH in Barrie, 3 to Toronto East General, 16 to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and a few to Owen Sound for dermatologist and biopsy appointments, and to Collingwood for first surgery, biopsy, and CT scan, plus all the knocks I have made on my Clarksburg doctor's door
  • that totals 7,782 kilometres travelled
  • $566 in parking lot fees
  • we have discovered 4 new favourite restaurants
  • there are 9 doctors involved in my care
  • I have 3 wicked scars 
  • have taken approximately 20 new prescriptions or supplements orally or by IV
  • have consumed around 98 000 000 litres of water, tea, and coffee
  • have written 6 packs worth of thank you cards, and still not done
  • to date I have had 29 visits from a home care nurse
  • have had upwards of 150 vials of blood taken
  • I have watched "Under the Tuscan Sun" 8,278 times
  • it is my 4th CT scan for which I am currently awaiting results.......

Or in my case more like:

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