Sunday, July 3, 2016

Escarpment Magazine - Guest Writer, me!

I was thrilled when Escarpment Magazine asked me to write an article for their Summer 2016 issue; about the importance of sun safety and skin health, based on my experience with stage three melanoma.  

An elegant and informative local publication that I have admired for years, Escarpment Magazine covers a collection of local home/garden design, recreation, fashion, real estate, health/wellness, and foodie finds that delight all audiences.  They cover everything in local sporting life such as bicycling, hiking,  and skiing, as well as fashion layouts featuring local models in clothing from shops all across Bruce, Grey, and Simcoe counties.  

Luxurious yet accessible, and 100% LOCAL.  I love it!!

It is available in our area on stands in grocery stores, news outlets, and at several of their advertisers places of business, as well as subscription by mail.  (In fact I bought a subscription for my Mom so that all year round she can appreciate Georgian Bay Living from her Sarnia and Florida homes) 

It is also available online free of charge.  Please click here to see the article I wrote:

Thank you Haily, Clay, and everyone at Escarpment Magazine for inviting me to share in your Summer 2016 issue.  I am honoured, as a writer, and as a melanoma survivor.  

Congrats also to Clay and Cara for their upcoming promotions based on Deena's semi-retirement... I smiled ear to ear when I read that in her Editor's Note!  :-) 


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