Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Dermatologist

So..... I have mentioned before my somewhat chilly relationship with the Skin Doctor in my life... (comes with the territory of an ex-sun-baby melanoma patient I suppose) ...to the point of us CO-FIRING each other.  
My lovely Family Doc saved me yet again - I met my new Dermatologist today - right here in Meaford! 

A quick in - and - out in Ambulatory Care with a Derm on a once-monthly visit to Meaford Hospital determined me all-clear of any worrisome skin lesions. Yay that's a great first step!  We had a quick chat about my history, and of my future, of CT scans for monitoring post-clinical-trial, and we agreed to see each other again in six months.  

Sadly, come 2017, after a 15-year stint of monthly trips to Meaford, my new Dermatologist will be seeing patients in the Big Smoke only, so.... I will go see her there!  With my stage of melanoma I have as much chance of having a new melanoma on my skin as I did two (or twenty) years ago; a stage three diagnosis is more likely to re-appear internally than on the surface. But I digress...

I offered her a gift in thanks for checking in on us rural patients, by form of my article in Escarpment Magazine this month.   I explained that I am an aspiring Writer exploring the platform of a topic very dear to me, that of melanoma education and awareness advocacy.  

I flipped to the article in question and to my surprise she said "That's YOU?  Just this weekend we were talking about this article!"  She went on to say how she thought it was great that someone would take the time to write about and share this topic, and we briefly discussed the importance of changing the conversation regarding skin health and tanning etc.  I told her about how I have been sharing my story in the name of trying to help others to avoid a fate such as mine... Save The Skin You're In

In my new Dermatologists name I have decided to summarize my advocacy work in one post (to date), and for any new readers, Thank You.  Please feel free to click and share away.....














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