Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dermatologists' Review

Yesterday I had my three-month screening at the skin Dr. in Owen Sound, and the girls had their first.  Given my skin situation, and a couple of problem-mole possibilities, our family physician referred Claire and Cass for a check-up as well - they will be monitored closely all their lives. 

Good news and not-so-good news:

I passed my checkup, have a couple of moles we are watching, and I will see her again in February, but nothing to alarm at this point.

The girls however, did not fare so well.  They each have a small mole to be removed; they will see the same surgeon in Collingwood to whom I gave my mole donation in April.  They are identical moles, those pretty little black "beauty-marks" that, coincidentally, resemble the one on my right leg that caused me the situation I am in now (I had it all my life).  They are small, but given the newly discovered "family history" we will have them removed with some local anesthetic and a complete pathological analysis, and then we will know more about the girls' skin health future.

They are taking this news calmly, as they are mature enough to recognize that a little freezing and a few stitches now will quite likely save them 50+ stitches and countless needle pokes when they are 38. I will post news of their surgery dates and how they fare. 

Having said all of this, I am compelled to talk about the locations of the moles the girls are having removed.  Claire's is on her left collarbone area, and Cassie's is on her right collarbone area up a bit closer to shoulder.

This in interesting as their Dad and I have long noticed that there is a possibility they could be "mirror-image" twins.  One is right-handed and one is left, they have many mirroring qualities such as this, and now their troublesome moles are in the same place just opposite sides of their bodies.  I can't wait for them to wake up this morning as I plan to stand them facing each other so I can check their hair "whorls" to see if they go opposite - I spent some time last night researching the mirror twin thing and I am going to post my findings when I know more.  We know they are identical twins, and the mirror thing happens only in identicals so it will be interesting to learn more about this.

I'm sure they're going to love me mauling their hairlines when they get up hehe - I'll let you know how that goes!! 

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