Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thyroid surgery date

So.. three weeks from now I will be without my thyroid gland and all the lymph nodes in my throat and right side of neck. Ew gross, I guess that sounded a bit graphic. Blech  Surgery grosses me out SO much!!

I finally got the date confirmed yesterday, my next surgery will be Wed. Dec. 3, 2014.  Complete thyroidectomy, central node dissection, and right node dissection. Hey did I mention I don't want to do this? I can say I have had a "node dissection" before and it's not friggin pleasant. 

Oh and did I mention that that week is crappy timing??  Claire and Cassie are in their "Kids in the Meaford Hall" Christmas 2014 production of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" for which they auditioned in September and have been furiously practicing twice weekly. *sigh*  Yes, I know, I can watch the dvd.  But this is Cassie's first play, Claire's second, and they both have stage roles with lines for the first time.  :-(  Not to mention the sheer number of performances (2 Thurs, 3 Fri, and Final show plus cast party Sat, THEN Meaford Santa Claus parade Sat. evening, in which the girls will be on the Bill's valu-mart float) and all the dress rehearsals and people-shuffling that will be going on from our house that week, Dec. 2-6 will be a total write-off.  Someone - Please sedate me!!

If you have kept reading through my whinyness again so far today, I will continue with a few quick details. LOL Thanks for listening.  :-) 

The surgery will be at Toronto East General Hospital. Yep.. why not throw us another curveball - I'm someday going to accept that I am just like one of the Super Mario Brothers: constantly jumping and diving obstacles. On fire.

I asked if I should be concerned that my surgery won't be at Sunnybrook and my new best friend at Dr. Higgins' office assured me that no, this happens all the time, and I should only be concerned if I was to not have Dr. Higgins. OK. So pre-op admission appointment and surgery date will be at Toronto East General, and post-surgery appointment will be back at Sunnybrook. 

My lovely and loving Mommy :-) will be taking me to surgery again and putting up with my sorry ass seeing purple tarantulas in the recovery room, and will assist me home upon discharge which should be the following morning Thurs. Dec. 4.  As for the situation at home I am still working on that, thank you for all the offers to come stay with the girls, we will work it out ASAP.

Pre-surgery date is Tues. Nov. 25, and it's looking like post-op will be Dec. 11 but that is not yet confirmed. (hey... why not wait til the last minute?)  I do currently have my Week 18 clinical trial check-in appointment for Dec. 8 but that will have to be moved, as will my Dec. 9th 6-month follow up with my first surgeon for the "right groin node dissection" surgery I had in May. hehe How many more times can I say "dissection" today?  YUCK.  Don't even ask me how to pronounce that - I think it's something like what I used to do to frogs and earthworms and cow eyeballs in high school biology.

OK enough bitching for now... have a great weekend everybody.  Thanks again for your xo's and support.

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