Thursday, November 13, 2014


Unremarkable.  Not really a remarkable word, not one I tend to use... sort of bland, non-descriptive, unsatisfactory, un...well... remarkable.

1. not worthy of note or attention. ordinary, not special. not notably or conspicuously unusual. not extraordinary.

Well I like it!  "Unremarkable" is quickly working its way up the ranks of my favourite words.  I had never before wanted to be referred to in any way as unremarkable.. my how things change.  See, when you have repeated medical tests for a health concern that's the word you want to see.  

Radiologists and surgeons consider a result unremarkable if that means there is nothing to report on it. ie. "Natalie, we have your brain MRI results: everything looks good, the report says each scan is unremarkable."  

So phew, my brain scan is unremarkable.  Hhmmm... yes, please feel free to snicker over that, I am! Brain is there apparently, but there is no hereditary calcium deposit residing within, and there appears to be no damage to the pituitary gland - yay for unremarkable.  Just a dizzy broad then, surprise surprise.  Thank you ipilimumab treatment for bringing to attention something we already knew. ;-) 

I have had about a half and half ratio of good reports and bad test results, and I have taken note of the unremarkables... 
- an ultrasound saying "unremarkable" got me out of a needle biopsy on a lymph node they've been watching in my left underarm (thank YOU Sir!) 
- post-surgery notes in May stated my behaviour under anesthetic was "unremarkable" (PHEW that's a good thing! I've heard past reports of my fantastic singing and dance moves while "unconscious" LOL)
- CT scan organ descriptions: "pancreas is unremarkable" - well that's one at least!  One down... a bunch more to keep an eye on. 

At least that's one thing accomplished this stupid terrible week, found out my MRI results are fine.  Still waiting for CT scan results from Oct. 27 but thinking no news is good news on that one.  They're busy enough with my fever calls and thyroid problems... we'll save the rest for later.



  1. As pleased as I am to hear of your unremarkable test results, you are in every other way an exceedingly remarkable woman! Sorry about the 'anonymous' designation. I'm your Mom's friend, Margaret, in Florida, and I've been following your blog with great interest. Among other things, you are a remarkably gifted writer and your words surely give encouragement to others facing similarly critical circumstances.

  2. Wow, thank you Margaret, for your thoughtful and kind words. Mom has told me all about you... it's nice to "meet" you. :-) Thank you for your good vibes, and for your friendship and support for my Mom as well, she deserves the best. I hope you have a great weekend, and I will talk to you again soon.

    1. Oh my, I just read your last two entries. You must have been up writing all night! Go to bed! Then get up and start your list of 'help needed' and get the troops assembled. Wish I were nearer. I love knowing your Mom and certainly miss her here, but I know that she is much needed where she is. She's one in a million, but you already knew that.

  3. Yes you are right about Mom, she is a very special lady! I am grateful to have her and Grant in my life. And I may have a little bit of sucking up to do as our weather here is extremely snowy today (they even ended up closing the schools!) and Mom and Grant should be relaxing on the lanai in your neck of the woods LOL But they have chosen to delay their trip and stick with me here in the Arctic. ;-)
    Thanks also for your great advice, I have put the calls out and assembled troops, and now my to-do list is emptying as quickly as my fridge is filling up. Grateful xoxoxo