Thursday, November 6, 2014

....tick tock......

Just confirming for those who are asking: thanks for checking in but yes, I am still waiting for a date for my thyroid surgery.  I have been on the phone with the surgeon's office a few times this week, and I have a tentative date in early December, but still cannot confirm.  Sooo frustrating!  

I realize they have several balls to juggle with every surgery; I understand they cannot confirm until they have the surgeon(s) booked, the operating room booked, the anesthesiologist, the pre-op and post-op appointment times and locations all booked. It's a large hospital and it seems it's not just me they are working on?  
But... I have a life too.. and I have people hanging... like friends with holidays booked to take me for the Sunnybrook appointments I will have to shuffle, a Mom waiting to go south for winter vacation (usually packed and headin' off this week of the year), a spouse figuring out whether or not to take holidays, the girls' mole surgery appointments pending, and a pair of stage-ready children whose Kids in the Meaford Hall play happens to be the SAME weekend of proposed surgery date, not to mention three other BFF invitations for late November that I will have to decline as my life is on hold.  :-(   Grrr!

In any case, I promise I will let you know when I have any news.  Thanks again xo  

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