Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Guest Blog - Her Magazine - School Lunches, To Pack or Not to Pack?

I am pleased to say that Her Magazine has asked me to write for them again - very exciting! - and not necessarily about "just" cancer.  I am working on a piece for them relating to Parenting; more specifically, Parenting Twins.  It should be fun!  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, they have published a piece I wrote last year, some of you may remember it.  It seemed popular, I got a tonne of response from it so I thought their readers may enjoy it as much as my family and friends did.  It is even my kiddos favourite.  :-)  I have tweaked/shortened it a bit and they have posted it here... Thanks for reading!  

School Lunches - To Pack or Not to Pack? 
(update 30-March-2018: sadly, Her Magazine has been retired from the internet, so the links to my articles there no longer work. To read my original blog about this please feel free to click Here - thanks!)
Natalie Richardson shares the stress of packing school lunches for her teenage daughters and how cancer changed her attitude:


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