Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Me, Guest Blogger! Yahoo Canada - Style: Why no tan is a good tan

I am excited to share that I was asked to write an article for Yahoo! Canada in the Style section, about melanoma awareness and the Become A #SkinChecker campaign which kicked off in Toronto on May 2.  

Thank you Yahoo! for helping us to share the message that it's #NotJustSkinCancer  

This guest blog piece required me to write in an open letter format, so it was an interesting challenge to write in that style for Yahoo! Style's Open Letter Series.  I am honoured to have been asked, and I stepped up to the topic in a bit different way - beauty, skin, tanning, vanity, style... a fashion-thinking approach.  I would be sharing the page with articles about the likes of the Kardashians after all!  

As for a photo to accompany the article?  Why my MOST tanned-skin picture of course!  The first one that came to mind was this one, taken on our wedding day.  My Southern-Belle tan was the perfect shade to show off this exquisite ivory silk dress which shimmered and was so soft and fluffy.  
I have recalled this particular image many times over the last two years, it has become a bit of a symbol in my archives.  For many reasons (since my divorce of course) but mainly as evidence of my perpetually bronzed complexion.  

Please click here to read the article...  And please, if you have a sec, please share it on your social media.  Every little bit helps to spread the word that this is a seriously scary issue for thousands of people in Canada and around the world. Thank you


Oh and please don't laugh at the head shot of me halfway through the article... it was supposed to be my profile pic but I guess they wanted it in the article instead.  Extreme close-up! Whooops!! LOL  (be sure to click the "Read More" button)

"Dear Sun Worshipper,
I noticed your tan. I fondly remember the warm relief of turning my face to the sun and feeling the heat through to my bones. My happy place was lying, sitting, walking, anything! - under the bright rays of the sun. "   .................................


Thanks also to the PR team who coordinated this submission, to LaRoche-Posay for welcoming me to participate, and of course to Save Your Skin Foundation for inviting me to represent.  


AND if you click the hashtag #skincancer below my article this is the collection of articles you will reach:




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