Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Portfolio, Invitations, and Events

Wow - May and June are always busy around here, but so far one week into May and this has got to be a record.  All good stuff, but I find myself emotionally overwhelmed and definitely humbled. 


I am so incredibly motivated to be all things to the melanoma awareness world - well OK, in my tiny circle anyway - that I am just rolling with this.    It is likely a good thing that Scott has been working(stuck) out West so much as I need just level-girl and blog-dog time.  ;-)  

News from around here, in no particular order; in point-form for your reading pleasure:
  • Last evening one of my dear friends from high school surprised me with an email and then a facebook launch of a fund raising effort she is doing in September 2016.  My world-traveling Toronto friend, Rhonda from grade nine typing class :-)  is participating with her colleagues in the OneWalk Toronto, and she is raising funds on behalf of melanoma research.  WOW  Thank you Rhonda... I am so touched by your choice to aim for melanoma, when I know you have many other friends and family that inspire you as well.  xo
  • Help Me Save Your Skin!
    Friends and Family for a Cause
    OneWalk. One Day. ALL Cancers.
    "OneWalk to Conquer Cancer™ benefiting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is a game-changing movement to conquer cancer once and for all.  I will walk 25 kms through the streets of Toronto, united with thousands of others, knowing that together we are changing the future for all those affected by this terrible disease.

    As part of this walk, we can choose to have our fundraising dollars focused in one area of research.  I have chosen to have my funds go to Melanoma research.  A childhood friend of mine has battled the disease for 2 years and has turned her struggle into a focus on education and awareness http://impatientpatientmomma.blogspot.ca/

    I will be walking along with the Capital One team as we all choose to use our steps towards a day where those we love don't suffer from cancer."

    If you can, I appreciate your support of Rhonda's walk in September, for melanoma research and for Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.  Thank you

  •  I have created an online Writer's Portfolio.  I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but now that I have been so fortunate as to be published in an increasing number of places, I need to be able to showcase my work in a format that is easier than sifting through this blog.  I still have plenty to blog about so I will still be here, but I am posting highlights and using the new link in my professional Bio going forward.  Please feel free to take a look, and by all means please share it with anyone whom you may know that is interested in having a new writer friend! (ahem, I mean a new friend, who is a Writer)         I am happy to have found this portfolio host site through research I have been doing for my potential writing career.  It is excellent, very user-friendly, great options for customization and SEO behind the scenes... Plus it sounds cool! "JournoPortfolio" - Italian...?  Yes please! (they are in the UK but I'm still dreaming of a future of blogging on my Tuscan Trattoria)


  • Save Your Skin Foundation has asked me to be an official Spokesperson, an invitation which I am proud to accept.  We are still working out what that means going forward, but in the meantime I have added that to my list of volunteer interests on the likes of sites such as LinkedIn.  Just so you're not surprised to see that in my Bio :-)  Thank you SYSF!  I endeavour to represent you well. 
  • I have been invited by another high school friend to speak to her elementary school class about sun safety and skin health awareness.  We are going to try to fit it in in June, and I already have ideas about how to make a fun little handout which includes the Dalmations from the Become a #SkinChecker campaign (with no copyright infringement of course!).  This ties in with the request from my friend at The Cancer Society office in Owen Sound, as to how we may be able to reach school-aged children.  I'm working on it J, and will be in touch with my ideas soon.  :-)
  • Hoping also to help a friend by way of "sunscreen sponsorship" for a fun event right here in Meaford in July.  More on that to come as well!
  • In September as well there is an exciting event in Beaver Valley, Mudmoiselle - a fund raiser for The Cancer Society.  I will soon be working out details for my involvement with that.
  • The first part of June is still reserved for Sunnybrook visits for CT scans and the dreaded Gastroenterologist consult.  Nothing new on all of that.  *blech*
Thanks for reading, and for all of your good vibes, positive energy, love, and support.  I appreciate your sanction in this long haul! 

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