Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My 2nd ByLine on Huffington Post Canada

I received a nice little surprise today: an email from Her Magazine letting me know that they submitted the article I wrote in April (for Her Magazine) to Huffington Post, and it was re-published. 

My second byline on Huffington Post! This time on Huff Post Living (Canada) now titled It's Time We All Take Skin Cancer More Seriously, posted by Her Magazine Canada, with myself listed as the author, at the end of the article. It even links to my Huff Post profile, and to blog!

Please click here ...and I appreciate your clicks and shares..xoxo 


I am grateful to all involved: Huffington Post for publishing, Her Magazine for the collaboration, and Save Your Skin Foundation for asking me to be part of the #NotJustSkinCancer campaign in the first place.   

A bonus for this, May is Melanoma Awareness Month. 


PS - My Portfolio  :-)

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