Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Gratitude Fuels My Determination - Column - Meaford Express - April 2016

My family and I have been cared for through my cancer experience by countless members of our community, and I can now begin to try to give back.  

I am immeasurably grateful for all of the messages, letters, cards, gifts, flowers, meals, rides, care for the girls, snow removal, shoulders to cry on, kicks in the ass, patience with my anti-social behaviour, support of my writing efforts - my family, friends, and community members are the most fantastic people anyone could have by their side.  

Thank you for everything!

I am pleased to announce that I have been asked to write a little column in the Meaford Express, rather online Metroland Media -  My first column is published today, woweee!  

I write all the time but I still have so much to say.  I plan to talk about my experiences with melanoma of course, but also thyroid cancer, as well as local cancer-related events or tips for caring for a cancer friend, or how to quell the crazies while in treatment... please keep an eye out for it! 

For my first one though, I knew immediately what I wanted to say.  Thank you. Thank you! Thank you my dear generous loving community, my family and I are grateful for everything you do and have done.  There are plenty of examples around town of people helping others, and I am grateful to say I am one of them.  And I plan to return the favour!  Somehow... I will.

PS - For anyone who may be curious... this is a guest column, and as such, is an UN-paid position.  I am still employed, but remain on medical leave until such time as I am able to return to work.  All of this writing is for voluntary advocacy, hobby, and/or catharsis.  Any questions or complaints please feel free to contact me directly at   Thank you.

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