Friday, April 8, 2016

Me, Guest Blogger! Huffington Post Canada - It's #NotJustSkinCancer

I am proud to be part of the #NotJustSkinCancer campaign.  It is an excellent launch for discussion of the complacency in social media about sun safety (or the lack thereof) and skin cancer.  It also provides a message of hope for those already diagnosed with this silent killer.

Every day I deal with the pain and side-effects of melanoma, as well as the stigma of "Just Skin Cancer."  I am happy to share my perspective on that to change the perception of this disease - It is not JUST skin cancer, it IS skin cancer.  I wish to share my experience in order to prevent others from traveling the same journey my family and I are on. 

Thanks to the collaboration of the PR team behind the video, as well as Save Your Skin Foundation and Melanoma Network of Canada, I was invited to share my story on Huffington Post Canada.  Yes... Huff Post... I have finally stopped hyperventilating...

Please feel free to check it out and to "like" and "share" it - thank you for your support in helping to spread this message.  It's #NotJustSkinCancer

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