Wednesday, April 6, 2016

#NotJustSkinCancer and ME - Rogers Daytime TV, Barrie - April 5, 2016

Yesterday the girls and I zipped to Barrie for a press opportunity to help promote the #NotJustSkinCancer campaign.  I am passionate about this video and I will talk about it to anyone who will listen!

With gratitude, I can report that the live daily cable TV show Daytime in Barrie, Ontario, was happy to share our story.

In the wake of the #NotJustSkinCancer video launch, I was invited to put a local face to the issue of sun safety and melanoma awareness.  In case you have not yet seen it, the video, a collaboration of Save Your Skin Foundation and Melanoma Network of Canada, is here:

Yesterday, Claire was the official family photographer, and Cass helped keep us all "cool."  

When we arrived we were guided to the "Green Room" and I signed my speaking agreement on Rogers behalf.  We freshened up in the ladies' room, and snooped (just a little!) around the hallways, taking great interest in the giant glass wall tinted black behind which we could make out the blinking lights and multiple monitors of what we figured to be THE Control Room.  Neat!

We hung out in the green room with other guests, one of which I was to learn is living with a stage II melanoma diagnosis (although that is not why she was to be a guest on the show).  We watched a vocal group warm up, and got to know some details about the Re-Store chain/group, from fellow guests in the studio to talk about Habitat for Humanity.   

It was a very casual atmosphere and we were nervous but comfortable at the same time.  

The hosts Jeff and Jennifer came in separately to introduce themselves and briefly discuss the nature of our imminent interviews.  They were both warm, friendly, and funny!

I was assigned to Jennifer, so we had a quick chat about the purpose of my interview; she was educated about the topic and quickly grasped why I wanted to speak about it.  She was also successful at reassuring me not to be nervous.  

Just before she left, she turned to Claire and said "And are you the one who saved your Mom's life?"  Claire beamed and I almost burst into tears.   

Yes.. yes it was Claire who forced me to show our family doctor my "Just A Mole" almost two years ago to the day.   They had a quick chat and I was pleased that the lovely Daytime host had read my story closely enough to pick out that detail.    

Five minutes 'til showtime came and we were escorted to the studio, where we all sat on a large sectional couch equipped with our microphones, waiting for our respective segment interview times.  We got to watch the whole show right across from where Jeff and Jennifer were being filmed LIVE, very neat process!  

Claire snapped photos of the set, cameras, lighting, the interviews, everything.  She even noticed how the camera guys were moving their focus and putting the shot on the monitor somehow.  She got photos of my interview with headlines on the screen!  My BLOG was on TV LOL - I was amazed when I got home and saw the photos she took.  

I think the interview went well, I said everything I wanted to say, bringing focus to the #NotJustSkinCancer campaign, why we want to discuss and eradicate complacency in social media about sun safety and skin cancer awareness (or lack thereof).  I even managed to discuss the lovely Save Your Skin Foundation and their initiative Melanoma Connect, as well as the Melanoma Network of Canada.

My total interview time was 7:34 but it felt like 60 seconds!  Thankfully Jennifer made it easy for me to answer questions and if I hesitated on anything she skillfully glossed over it and directed me into the next question.  Very cool, I remain impressed.  At the end she patted my knee and said "You're great!"  

Thanks to the PR powers behind this campaign, I have been provided the link to share, here is the show should you wish to see it:  PLEASE CLICK HERE

Here are a few more photos of Rogers Daytime studio action.  Thanks to Claire for the pictures, and a heartfelt THANK YOU to Rogers TV for giving me the opportunity to share my story and that of the #NotJustSkinCancer video.  

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