Friday, April 29, 2016

Me, Guest Blogger! - Parenting While Fighting Advanced Melanoma

I am honoured to say that I was asked to write a guest blog for Her Magazine, about my experience with melanoma and how that has impacted my role as a parent.  The article also introduces the #NotJustSkinCancer video.  

Among all of the pieces I have written to date, this is one of my favourites.  It is honest, emotional, and, in consultation with my girls, it captures a personal insight into the last two years of life in our household.  Please click here to read my perspective on:

Parenting While Fighting Advanced Melanoma
(update 30-March-2018: sadly, Her Magazine has been retired from the internet, so the links to my articles there no longer work.  This article however, was re-published on HuffPost.  You can find it HERE - thanks!)

Thank you so much to for giving the opportunity to share my story and that of the #NotJustSkinCancer discussion.  I love your site and the refreshing, informative, vibrant articles you share.   
Thanks also to the "contributing editor," you know who you are A ;-) - couldn't be doing this without you and your team.  Endless thanks to all who have embraced my participation in this project and enabled exploration of my passion to WriTe.

Her Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for women that are smart, strong, successful and inspiring.

Launched in Canada in 2013, Her Magazine is the brainchild of Tal Srulovicz and Stephanie Kleiman – two 35+ aged women seeking authentic online content on issues that really matter to their demographic.  

Their mission is to share tell-it-as-it-is content for women 35+ written by women 35+.

Contributors write about love, marriage, sex, life, womanhood, travel, work, money and health issues. It’s the stuff every woman really wants to read about.

PS - Please feel free to click on the article and share from their website onto your facebook/twitter/pinterest etc... it all helps share the message!  
Thank you 

(This photo is the first digital pic ever taken of us; Claire is on the left,
Cassandra on the right, Me with NOT-grey hair wink wink! ~ Elmvale Zoo, Sept. 2004)


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