Friday, April 1, 2016

Keepin' It Real

I always try to keep in mind how my blog appears to those who take the time to read it - thank you dear readers, friends, family, medical professionals, mela-homies, writers, publishers... ;-) 
Thank you also to my Grandmothery friends as well, who I know would prefer to hear my news and thoughts in person or by phone, but because they love me so much they read my blog for the scoops, as I ask them to.  Thank you all!  

With this in mind, I want to insert a little something to start the month off with my typical perspective, rather that just links to all of the other stuff.  And there will be more links... I have been asked to participate in a few cool projects that I will be blah-blah-ing about in the coming weeks. :-)

It is no secret that I am proud to be part of the #NotJustSkinCancer campaign, and I have been busy working my social media circuits to help spread the message.  

I have also been writing some guest blogs/articles for other sites - all of which will be linked from here of course.  I am happy to do some media interviews etc. as well, as it is all part of generating awareness of the #NotJustSkinCancer video, and in turn the message it was created to discuss.  

I knew it would be busy once the video launched, and I had prepared my family for a bout of writer-needs-quiet-time and that they'd be seeing only the top of my head over computer until I was done.  The freezer is stocked with frozen pizzas, just saying.  

What I didn't expect was the emotional response I/we have been receiving.  The texts, emails, facebook messages, tweets, phone calls, etc. have been amazing.  *humble thank you*

My friends and supporters seem just as shocked as I was to learn about the negative hashtags such as #SkinCancerDontCare.  

Complacency about skin cancer is scary, and crazy.  But I was there once, and not that long ago.  I get it.  

And yes, it is very emotional for me to react to the discussion in such a public way.  I want to spread the message and increase awareness about melanoma, but I still have the underlying emotional freakout every time I hear the word.  
It's okay though, that is the cathartic piece for me... that is where my passion lies right now: 
1. melanoma prevention 
2. support and friendship for those in the same boat as I

Yesterday afternoon I had a little meltdown.  Flaked out a bit, burst into tears and had to put the computer away for the rest of the day.  Scott patiently listened and poured me a glass of wine.  
I'm okay, just a bit messy over the gravity of the topic, excited about the success of the campaign launch, and a little tired.  Of course a bout of insomnia would hit me this week as well, why not!?

In the meantime though... the rest of life beckons.... 

Wednesday evening Claire delivered her speech in the French public-speaking event at the School Board office in Chesley.  She did a great job of course, this was her third speech at the Board level. I was so happy to be able to be there, as last year I missed it as I was at Sunnybrook receiving my radioactive iodine treatment in isolation.
We had plenty of time to reminisce about her speaking day at York University when she competed at the Provincial level of Concours in grade five.  This week she placed third of the six in her category - way to go Claire!  This year her speech was about what it's like to be a twin.  An identical, mirror-image twin no less.
Cass and Claire in grade 5, when they both competed at the Board level

Another fun part of this week is that today is April Fool's Day.  Yes.... April Fools Day, and I happen to have a friend (who shall remain nameless for the purpose of this blog) who is a very thoughtful and dedicated PRANKSTER.  

My house apparently decided to dress up in an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini last night!  The wind took some of it off, but that didn't foil my villainous friends' plan LOL!!  This is what we woke up to today:

And last year on April Fools day, my car:

And a few years back:

LMAO!  I don't have any photos of the pranks I attempted to pull off on my April Fools Day friend, not that you would see anything in the photos anyway. A few years ago I "forked' her lawn - stuck 300 plastic forks in her grass - only for it to snow! and cover up all of my handiwork!  I didn't prank my friend last night, the rain scared me away.  But I wish I had!! One day I will be back...plastic forks in hand... April Fools Day can be any day my friend... mark my words.  

Thanks for the smiles and laughter my friend.  
Thanks everyone, for keepin' it real around here.  xoxo

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